The sister life

December, 2018.

I often wonder what it must feel like not having a sister, or as for me, two sisters.

I am the eldest of two sisters (and a twin brother) and I’ve learned a lot about the world by having them in my life. Research even shows there are many proven benefits to sisters as they help you to develop social skills, like communication, compromise and negotiation. I can definitely second that!

On their Summer Spice Route Outing in SA at the moment

“A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” – Elizabeth Fishel

Everyone is always making silly jokes like your sister “borrowing” your favourite sweater for the 10th time (that sister is usually me). But having sisters is so much more than that. Here are my biggest reasons of why I am blessed by having sisters:


One of my first childhood memories are all the tea parties at home being toddlers, playing school-school and building a house with 15 blankets and 150 clothes pins. We shared a doll-house and a Barbie skipping rope. My mother usually dressed us in pink pajamas at night time and I think that’s why we still love the colour pink today. We always watched the Animated movie, Bratz, together and we knew exactly who was which character. I also remember all the singing and dancing shows we held for our family every month, as I still watch those videos. And what a special time it was when we performed our own ballet show on a Coca Cola truck to the public. Every holiday, we argued about whose turn it was to do some baking, and who would do the dishes afterwards. Being sisters means you always have back-up.

Having sisters is basically like an endless sleepover. We still sleep together in one bed when we are all home (which is rare these days).  As different as we are, we know all too well that we take after our mother, as all three of us like cooking, baking, reading, babies and kittens.  We love summer holidays, flowers, swimming and nature.

“Though we will never get near your love for watermelon, we still have to climb quite a few mountains to reach to where you are, Mom!”

As they currently are university students and with me living abroad, we try to message each other regularly, or on a lucky day, we do Skype. We usually contact each other for advice on the most important things in life:

love, dreams and faith.


I know what a double blessing it is to have two sisters. I am grateful for that, and even though I will not be studying with them in 2019, I know that they will look out for each other, as sisters should always have each other’s back. And maybe one day in God’s good will, we will all live in the same country again, celebrating life in our backyards with lots of laughter and our children as cousins.

But for now, we each have to walk our own separate path to create a life for ourselves, filled with grace every day. Because what is having family, and especially sisters, other than only God’s Grace.

Side by side or miles apart,

we are sisters connected by the heart.

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