A smile

In all the world

What do you have

That time cannot buy

What are the things

That make you fly high


Above the dreams of tomorrow

And yesterday’s sorrow

Show me today

What you’ve got to give

In all these years

That you had to live


Without going back in time

And erase things said or done

Or flying forward into space

Towards the life that you chase

With the memories that start with

One day


Be still for a moment

Close your eyes for a while

Freeze the time

What a life

What a pace

A race


What did you grow

On your tree of life

Are you green and tall

With Fruits of the Spirit

Do you love beyond limit

Did you grow

At all


Have you got anything

To give to your neighbour

In his hour of need

To pray for a stranger

For a friend to succeed

Anything indeed


Or do all of your fruit

Have labels that perish


without vines


Are you happy

with your basket


Can you give me a smile

if I ask it?





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