The mountain awaits

I wrote this short poem as I reflected over my life and the mountain of life that awaits me.
Some days are harder than others. Some days we take more breaks and need more rest. Some days are steep and other days the road is smooth. But every day, we have to take that step. To a better life, a better view, a better tomorrow.
The mountain awaits
Before this path
I bow my knee
The mountain ahead
is waiting for me
For when the day come
I gather my armor
To be strong in the Lord
and His mighty power
For the struggle is not
against flesh and blood
But as Light
In this world of darkness
I’ll climb my mountain
with the belt of truth
Buckled around my waist
the breastplate of righteousness in place
Feet, fitted to walk
with readiness
from the Gospel of peace
to move without cease
So I take up my shield of faith
to fight the flaming arrows
With my helmet of salvation,
the sword of the spirit
With every step I take
Let me climb without a break
I’ll pray in the Spirit:
Make me know Your ways
And when I reach a cliff
to take it all in
The mountain awaits
again, I’ll begin
All my life
It will grow in me
The mountains of life
For me to see:
The valleys
and the hills
and the views
of life
And when I reach the top
one day, I’ll see
It was worth the climb –
You’ll be waiting for me

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