Mom’s visit – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

My mother came to visit me in the UAE in the first week of April. We explored Abu Dhabi and Dubai and had an amazing time. Here is a short recap of our time together.

Day 1 – Abu Dhabi

I made a 9-day itinerary before my mother’s arrival and that is what awaited her on her bed, along with a summer hat (you can’t travel here without one).

Day 2

It was the last day of the term at school, so I took my mother to school with me where she could meet my class and thereafter, I booked her a taxi to go to a spa for some treatments.

That afternoon, we went to the Indian Restaurant, Gazebo, in Dalma mall for her to try out their famous Butter Chicken and Nan bread.

Day 3

We went to my church on the Friday morning, where my mother met my amazing church family. We joined the church for lunch, where my mom then tasted a chicken swaharma.

That afternoon, we went to Spinneys, to buy some of my favourite snacks for her to try, like a piece of honey cake and seasonal stone fruits.


Day 4

The Saturday, we went to the famous Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu-Dhabi.

We spent the rest of our day in the big Yas Mall, where we had a look at the well-known Ferrari World Theme Park and we ate lunch at my favourite French restaurant, La Brioche.


We also had a look at the restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory and I showed her where the famous Yas Warners Brothers Themepark and the Yas Waterworld are.


Day 5

We enjoyed our morning at the beautiful Corniche Beach along with Marina Mall at the harbour, where after we went to the Emirates Palace. Then we took a taxi to my ‘neighbour’ emirate, Dubai.

Day 6 – Dubai

We booked into Voco Hotel I Dubai, which I think could possibly be my best choice of hotels in Dubai. We stayed near the Metro station and took the metro train everywhere.



We started our trip at the Dubai Miracle Garden and then we went to the famous Dubai Mall (where the dancing fountains, Burj Khalifa and the Underwater Zoo & Aquarium are located).


Every night when we arrived back at the hotel, my mother would go for a night swim at the amazing outdoor pool on the roof, overlooking the night life of Dubai..

Day 7

Every morning, we enjoyed an amazing hotel breakfast buffet, with a breath-taking view over the city and the metro trains.

We explored the old side of Dubai by going on a small boat cruise along the old Dubai creek.


The creek is surrounded with souqs/shops, from spices to ornaments.



Afterwards, we took the metro to the wonderful Dubai Marina.


We wanted to make at a trip to the Dubai Global night Village, but instead decided to enjoy dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. (We actually had dinner in our bedroom every evening with some self-bought snacks, but as this was our last night in Dubai, we dealt with it as an exception).

Day 8

We ended our last day in Dubai with an amazing 60-minute spa experience together as mother and daughter and then headed home.

Day 9

Back in Abu-Dhabi, it was Friday again and we went to church. I booked a buffet dinner at Marriott hotel across from where I live and we enjoyed our last meal together with an international buffet.

I took my mom back to the airport that afternoon and we had to greet before we would see each other again in about 4 months.

It was an amazing privilege to have had my mother come visit me.
“It’s a special bond that spans the years.
Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears.
A sense of trust that can’t be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken,
A life long friendship built on sharing,
Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring,
Mother and daughter their hearts as one.
A link that can never be undone.”

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