I see me in you

Mother’s Day always makes me think for a while. How perfect the roles are that God has designed for us to live out. How the female gene multiplies over different generations and how you can always after many years, see something of yourself in you mother, she sees something in her mother, and so it goes on. 

It makes me think about the specific characteristic my sisters and I can carry on from our amazing grandmothers and mother to our own daughters.

Will we attain the humble characteristic of a God-loving and hard-working mother to pass on to our children? I sure hope so.


I see me in you

I fall short of words

When I think of my mother

To me it confirms

A mum like no other



A century divide in four

After seasons of love and war

You’ve loved me forevermore

Words fail me more and more



Can ‘thank you’ do it?

Just two words in ink

Or should I rather admit

There’s no way to think



But let’s give it a try

For me to show

The life that you live by

So here I go:



Thank you, Mum,

For the woman I’ve become,

For 25 years

Of prayers, love and tears



Through dark and light

You’ve held my hand

Stayed up ‘till midnight

Till you’ve put me to bed



When I look in your eyes

So light and blue

It is easy to realize

I see me in you



You’re a cook and a cleaner

Multi-tasker and fast thinker

A healer and seamer

Of a broken heart or finger



You love coffee in the morning

To ease your bedtime snoring

Sitting with a book in bed

To get ready for the day ahead



Mom, it may feel like you’ve failed


But know that you nailed it,

Most days



Today, your house is clean

You’ve served your role

No children to be seen

You’ve reached your goal



On this day, know that you’re loved

By God and four children thereof


I often wonder why I get to have the best


you are a blest!


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