Have you?

Have you

lived the life you wanted to

started each day with a smile

made the ride worth the while

burned candles at night

given the world some light

had that novel written

went deeper than being smitten

gathered eternal things that last

forgiven yourself from the past

held your hand for a second chance

never said no for a dance

stood up and tried again

got to start all over then

woken up grateful every day

fixed your life on the narrow way

learned lessons in winter time

smelled the flowers in the climb

reflected on your walk of life

aimed towards your biggest strive

bloomed where you are

wrote a postcard from afar

sought for something more

got down to reality’s core

had your whole life overlook

opened life’s greatest Book

broke out of the worldly war

opened your wings to soar

slowed down to breathe

felt the early morning breeze

surrendered to God above

learned what it is to love

got down on your knees to pray

made your choice every new day

Have you?

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