Like a Sunflower

I want to be like a sunflower so that even on the darkest of days I will stand tall & find the sunlight.


Yesterday, I saw this phrase again and it reminded me that God’s hands were truly upon me all these years. It kept me pondering for a while on the time passed since then.

I love flowers and I love the sun, so of course I love sunflowers. In a way I think all of us can learn something from the humble sunflower. It never becomes weary of doing what it’s supposed to do – turning towards the sun. Sunflowers always turn their faces toward the sun as they track it across the sky, which is known as heliotropism. Sunflowers also grow best in full sun, while they won’t bloom or produce seeds very well in the shade.

In the midst of the darker seasons in our lives, we often ask ourselves: Why me?

The real question to ask here, is: Why not me?

If someone has to bear hardships and fight through storms, I sure deserve it above most wicked people, but not only that – I will always have God by my side. After all, the way He has protected me and given me this amazing life to live, who am I not to fight through some seasons of winter? We have to remember that as sunflowers in God’s Kingdom, we will always have the Light of life as long as we follow Him. As long as we seek Him, like sunflowers seek the sun all day long.

John 8:12  (ESV) – Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


Earlier in my life, I was sometimes too dense to see it; God’s amazing work in my life. The way He protected me from the effects of wrong decisions  in my life and temptations through my youth; it was never by my own strength, but always by His grace. As I grew up, I often wondered why I didn’t follow along the paths that my peers were following or most of the broader ways of the world. And today I know that it was only under His wings that I was being kept. This thought fills me with such a sense of humility.

Psalm 91 (ESV) – Under His wings you will find refuge.


You may wonder why certain things in your life turned out the way they did, but may you be reminded today that He always protects you out of love and with sovereignty over the bigger picture; for the paths that your life will take; for the story to be played out in the end. The Lord has His hand upon you – He is guiding over your life, where ever you may find yourself, right where you are. And the reason that you are fortunate enough to be able to live this life, is because of Him. He has kept you, He has watched over you, He has brought you to this place, He brought you to this day.


A year ago I resigned my job in South Africa and my colleague arranged a small goodbye gathering along with a gift for me. One of the gifts was a key chain engraved with these words:  “I want to be like a sunflower so that even on the darkest of days I will stand tall & find the sunlight.”

She said it made her think of me; a Sunflower, no matter what day it is.


Little did she know that she got to know me throughout the hardest months of my life. It was such a humbling compliment to receive.


What I learned through those words is that no matter in what season of your life you may find yourself in, you have to keep seeking the Sun with all that you are. It might feel dark and difficult, but to the world around you, you will, in time, shine your light and blossom.


God was working through me all along. He is always at work in our lives. And as long as we rise high like the sunflower and look up towards the Sun, He will spread our sunlight over all the world to give light on the darker days until the ultimate Light, the Son of men, returns. May we always seek the Light through the tunnels of life and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.


And may I always remain acutely aware of the fact that even on my best day, every victory belongs to Him. Any good in my life, is all because of Him and His grace throughout my life.



Even my slightest ability to shine is only through Him.



Oh, how I wish to be like a sunflower!




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  1. As followers of Christ we should all aspire to this goal, but life is like the sea, ebbing and flowing and eroding the beach of our confidence, resistance to temptations and faith at times. I echo your wish to be more like the sunflower.


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