A moment

I wrote this poem for someone special I met in 2019. Sometimes God gives us a mate for life and sometimes, only for a while.

stands still
for a second
and in
every moment
that I think of us
it makes me wonder
makes me ponder
makes me crazy
for you
just for a second
in that moment
you feel the same
as I do too
every time
I turn around
you are gone
as time
steals you away
from me
maybe we
should not
hold our breath
to take us in
or pause
to see
how we
could be
want to be
should have been
what would you
want to do
if time
allowed us to
is what we have
something rare
one of a kind
impossible to find
does absence
make the heart
grow fonder
or are you
out of sight
and in my mind
no longer
will time
allow us
to live our lives
without us ever
meeting again
to see
if you and me
were meant
to be
I want to hold
on to you
and say goodbye
every day
I dream
of one day
with you
but we
already had
one day
was that
for you too
to remember
to hold on to
and be
never apart
always in heart
perhaps with time
we will have peace
to accept what is
and make a way
for the moment
to stay
but a memory
for us
to remember
that one day
can last forever
do you think
with time
and with
every day
to come
we will learn
a moment
is enough

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