About LUX *

John 8:12 – “…I am the light of the world:

he that follows me

shall not walk in darkness,

but shall have the light of life.”


Estie Longland

My name is Estie , which origins from the name Estelle. Estelle is from Latin origin , and means star.

“Let there be light” is an English translation of the Hebrew יְהִי אוֹר‬ (yehi ‘or) found in Genesis 1:3 of the Bible. In Old Testament translations of the phrase, translations include the Greek phrase γενηθήτω φῶς (genēthētō phōs) and the Latin phrase ‘fiat lux’. 

Lux in English is light and my name means star, and combined, it refers to a ‘shining star’. Therefore, my website is LUX* .

As the Lord is the Light of the world, we should let our stars shine (lux) to light up this world!

Enjoy my LUX* blogs!

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