Have you?

Have you lived the life you wanted to started each day with a smile made the ride worth the while burned candles at night given the world some light had that novel written went deeper than being smitten gathered eternal things that last forgiven yourself from the past held your hand for a second chance... Continue Reading →

I see me in you

Mother’s Day always makes me think for a while. How perfect the roles are that God has designed for us to live out. How the female gene multiplies over different generations and how you can always after many years, see something of yourself in you mother, she sees something in her mother, and so it... Continue Reading →

The mountain awaits

I wrote this short poem as I reflected over my life and the mountain of life that awaits me. Some days are harder than others. Some days we take more breaks and need more rest. Some days are steep and other days the road is smooth. But every day, we have to take that step.... Continue Reading →

A smile

In all the world What do you have That time cannot buy What are the things That make you fly high   Above the dreams of tomorrow And yesterday’s sorrow Show me today What you’ve got to give In all these years That you had to live   Without going back in time And erase... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I wrote down some life lessons for my 15-year old self. Ten years has passed since then… || Dear Estie, As a 15-year old teenager, you wrote down a motto in one your dairies: Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile. Well... Continue Reading →

My visit to Egypt

It was about four months after my dad moved to Egypt, when I decided to visit him over Christmas. He is still living alone and my mother will join him abroad very soon in February; in fact, their flight is tonight. I had a very special time in Egypt with my dad. He lives on... Continue Reading →

A memory

Finally, I see only a memory of you and me   written on leaves in a forest of trees the story of us   that saw the sun ray every day and grew tall even through fall   strong it became so no one could tame the so often spring blossom   leaves of wonder... Continue Reading →

Joy to the world!

Christmas Eve, 2018 This year, more than any other year in my life, I came to know God for the Holy savior that He is. I am so grateful for the little wisdom I gained this year and excited for what is to be learned in 2019. One of the things I realized around this... Continue Reading →

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